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In 2012, a group of 12 social scientists at Edinburgh University began meeting to discuss their research on the relationship between knowledge and policy. We were keen to benefit from insights from across the social and political sciences and to challenge modish ideas about impact, evidence-based research or knowledge exchange. And we shared a commitment to theoretically informed, sociological and ethnographic approaches to exploring processes of knowledge production, translation and use. We were also committed to ensuring these ideas did not remain academic abstractions, but could be practically applied to help those involved in policy-making and implementation reflect on and... Read rest of text

Upcoming Events

Feb 14 Hosted by: Skape # UoE Skape Seminar : Annie Sorbie on TBC 12:00 (1 hour) Meeting Room 2.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building


Mar 14 Hosted by: Skape # UoE Skape Meeting : Steve Sturdy - Philip Cook on TBC 12:00 (1 hour) Meeting Room 2.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building


Mar 16 Speaker: Prof Sarah Whatmore # University of Oxford Skape Keynote Lecture - Prof Sarah Whatmore (University of Oxford) speaking on 12:30 (2 hours and 30 minutes) Staff Room, 6th floor, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a George Square

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Neuroscience and Public Policy: Understanding, Questioning, Deliberating

A blogpost by Martyn Pickersgill, University of Edinburgh – @PickersgillM Research on the brain is increasingly drawn upon in policy-making and family services, with consequences for parenting advice and parenting practices. Especially in the early years of children’s lives, infant brains are said to grow rapidly, and this notion has informed policies around parenting and services for   ...Continue Reading

The use of evaluation in six Norwegian directories

Øyunn Syrstad Høydal, PhD candidate, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HIOA) This blog post informs a talk at the SKAPE seminar on 13 December 2017 10 years ago, I started work in the communication department of a Norwegian directorate. My background was from the private sector and one of the first things that   ...Continue Reading

Everyday stories of impact: interpreting knowledge exchange in the contemporary university

Dr Peter Matthews, Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling This blog post is based on a talk at the SKAPE seminar on 8 November 2017 Questions bout sexual and gender identity are in the news at the moment. The NHS in England has announced that patients will be routinely asked their sexual identity so services can be better tailored. The   ...Continue Reading