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SKAPE: About Us


Join Us

We welcome new members who are working on SKAPE themes, and who are keen to support SKAPE activities. There are two types of membership:

  • Members: staff based at the University of Edinburgh, whose research focuses or touches on questions of the relationship between science, knowledge and policy. We expect members to be active in shaping the Centre's activities, for example through developing new ideas for collaborative projects, events, teaching and training, or dissemination activities. We expect members to attend seminars, contribute to the website (e.g. through blogs) and list relevant research projects on the website.
  • Associate Members: staff based at other universities or institutions, but with an active involvement in SKAPE activities, for example through collaborative research, related policy work, or co-organisation of events or teaching/training. Associate Membership is normally by invitation, but please contact the directors of SKAPE for more information.

If you are interested in joining SKAPE, please complete a Member Information Form and email the directors.