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SKAPE: About Us


Steering Group

SKAPE's Steering Group meets at least once a year to discuss the direction of, and strategy for the research centre. These meetings are usually preceeded/followed by a SKAPE away day, enabling other SKAPE members to contribute to these conversations. The current Steering Group members are as follows (most of whom were part of the original 12 founding members):

Dr Sudeepa Abeysinghe (Global Health Policy Unit, Social Policy)

Justyna Bandola-Gill (Science, Technology & Innnovation Studies), representing PhD students and ECRs

Prof Christina Boswell (Politics & International Relations)

Dr Philip Cook (Politics & International Relations)

Prof Richard Freeman (Politics & International Relations)

Dr Marc Geddes (Politics & International Relations)

Dr Sotiria Grek (Social Policy)

Dr Fadhila Mazanderani (Science, Technology & Innovation Studies)

Dr Sarah Parry (Science, Technology & Innovation Studies)

Dr Martyn Pickersgill (Population Health Sciences)

Dr Eugenia Rodrigues (Science, Technology & Innovation Studies)

Prof Burkhart Schaefer (Law)

Prof Kat Smith (Global Health Policy Unit, Social Policy)

Prof Steve Yearley (Science, Technology & Innovation Studies)