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New Article and Edited Collection on Law & Science

21 Nov 2014

SKAPE Associate Director, Dr Martyn Pickersgill, has co-authored and co-edited a new article and book, respectively, in the area of law and science.

The article, published in New Genetics and Society, examines the
role of legal processes in the transnational flow and use of drugs, raising
new challenges for the analysis of 'pharmaceuticalization'. The book, titled
Knowledge, Technology and Law (Routledge), brings together a range of
scholars - from law, political science, and science and technology studies
(STS) - in order to consider the ways in which what we know, what we make,
and how we govern are involved in on-going processes of reciprocal
constitution. Both outputs were produced with Dr Emilie Cloatre of Kent Law
School. For more details, see: