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New Article in Social Science & Medicine

16 Mar 2015

An article by Fadhila Mazanderani and Sara Paparini has recently been published in Social Science & Medicine.

Titled 'The stories we tell: Qualitative research interviews, talking technologies and the normalisation' of life with HIV ', the paper focuses on the role played by qualitative research interviews in the 'normalisation' of HIV in the UK. Drawing on medical anthropologist Vinh-Kim Nguyen's concept of 'confessional technologies', the paper argues that rather than simply representing people's lived experiences of HIV as  'talking technologies' qualitative research interviews play a role in the enactment of what comes to count as a 'normal' life with HIV in the post-HAART era. This has epistemological and ethical implications for how we use research interviews in contexts, such as HIV, in which the sharing of experiential narratives have a long and complex socio-political history.

The full paper is available here: