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Crisis, Learning and Policy Change in the European Union

Crisis, Learning and Policy Change in the European Union
Speaker: Prof Claudio Radaelli # Jean Monnet Clair in European Public Policy. Director, Centre for European Governance, University of Exeter
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Date and Time
4th Feb 2016 17:00 - 4th Feb 2016 18:30
Business School, Lecture Theatre 1A, 29 Buccleuch Place

The Lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.


What is the causal relationship between crisis, learning and change? How does causality work in the current responses to the sovereign debt crisis provided by the European Union? In this talk, based on research carried out with Jonathan Kamkhaji at Exeter, I question the conventional identification of the cause and effect provided by theories of crisis management, integration and policy learning. Drawing on models of contingent learning developed within psychology and behavioural and evolutionary economics, I argue that change can produce policy learning and that the conventional scope conditions for the ‘good’ cathartic crisis do not have to apply in the world of contingent learning. Then I present a plausibility probe of the argument based on the reform of the Eurozone since 2010. The conclusions on cognition and situational effects on learning suggest a new research agenda for policy learning, more sensitive to how individuals behave in the real world and more robust in its micro-foundations.