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SKAPE: Teaching & Mentoring


PhD Research

We have a thriving community of PhD students associated with SKAPE. SKAPE is keen to integrate PhD students wholly into the life of the Centre. We offer opportunities to present work at our research seminars, to contribute ideas for visiting speakers, to help instigate and organise workshops. We have a representative of our PhD community on our Steering Group to ensure that the voice of PhD students is heard as we discuss the development of SKAPE. If you are a PhD student interested in the work of SKAPE and finding out more about our community, please just come along to any of our events and introduce yourself. Alternatively, please contact our PhD Steering Group member, Justyna.Bandola-Gill (, who will be happy to chat more about the opportunities for PhD students in SKAPE.

SKAPE members currently supervise a number of doctoral students working on topics related to the Centre’s research. Students are enrolled in one of the School’s departments (Politics and International Relations, Science and Technology Studies, Social Policy, Sociology), but with scope for co-supervision across the departments. Examples include:

Justyna Bandola-GillInterdisciplinary provision in higher education: current and future challenges

Cleo Davies: Analysis of the decision-making process that led to the creation of the three European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) of financial activities after the 2007 financial crisis in the European Union

Rachel Hendrick: Communication ethics in medical journal publishing

Charlotte Krass: The republican tradition and French policy towards the Roma

Tamara Mulherin: How do managers who work across organisational boundaries, make sense of, adapt to, and practice collaboration in the context of Health and Social Care Integration in Scotland?

Recently graduated PhD students working on SKAPE have gone on to a variety of research roles, including:

Rosalind Cavaghan (Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow, Radboud University Nijmegen)

Oliver Escobar (Lecturer, Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh & Co-Director of What Works Scotland)

Becky Hewer: Identity construction in UK prostitution policy

Michael Kattirtzi: the role of social scientists in UK climate-change governance

Victoria Loughlan: The construction of space in peace-building

Jo Maybin (Fellow, the King's Fund)

Jonathan Suk (Faculty Member, European Centre for Disease Control, Stockholm)

If you are interested in applying to study for a PhD on a SKAPE topic, please contact us on