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SKAPE: Teaching & Mentoring



Led by Prof Steve Yearley and Dr Eugenia Rodrigue, SKAPE members recently developed a new undergraduate course called, Knowledge, Expertise & Policy. SKAPE members also contribute to other relevant courses, including Evidence, Politics and Policy.

Knowledge, Expertise & Policy is an innovative interdisciplinary course that brings the vitality of the SKAPE research community to the undergraduate classroom. Many members of SKAPE contribute to classes on their areas of expertise (an indicative list of topics and academics is found below). The course normally runs in Semester 1, and is open to all undergraduate students at the University. Students interested in taking the course are welcome to contact Dr. Eugenia Rodrigues (, or speak to your Personal Tutor (or other point of contact in course selection).

Thinking (and theorising) about science, knowledge, expertise and policy

Eugénia Rodrigues, STIS

Experts, science and regulation

Prof Steve Yearley, STIS

Expert legitimation and patterns of public controversy

Prof Christina Boswell, PIR

Advisers, knowledge brokers or advocates? The roles of academics in policy

Justyna Bandola, PhD Student, STIS

Public controversies over science & technology

Eugénia Rodrigues, STIS

Public participation and the governance of science

Eugénia Rodrigues, STIS

Ethical expertise and public policy

Dr Philip Cook, PIR

Analysing the interplay between evidence and policy: the case of diet, nutrition and health

Dr Isabel Fletcher, Law School

Science and the globalisation of expertise

Prof Steve Yearley, STIS

Conclusions: knowledge, expertise and policy

Eugéna Rodrigues, STIS