Call for early-career research contributions to our blog
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Theo Bourgeron      Profile picture of Sofie Illemann Jaeger

The SKAPE Centre is aiming to resume its blog series from this semester. We intend to publish regular science, knowledge, and policy content on our blog to develop the debates held during our events. We are calling on potential blog submissions from early career researchers (including PhD students) at the University of Edinburgh.

We would like to develop our blog publications in two main respects. First, we would like to publish blog posts about the events we organise, especially interviews with our guest speakers that build a link between the guests’ research interests and the issues that are at the core of SKAPE. Secondly, we would like to open our blog pages to early-career researchers willing to present their own projects, scholarly publications, and ideas. We are open to exploring different themes and formats, so if you have an idea, please contact us to discuss it further.

These are great opportunities to disseminate your research, meet interesting researchers, and develop your writing skills. Please contact us by email if you would be interested in writing either an open blog post or commissioning an interview with our future guests. You can find an overview of upcoming events here.

Finally, we plan to host more events for ECRs in the coming semester. Some of these will be in the vein of our recent informal session with Stephen Hilgartner, while others will be social events to give ECRs more opportunities to connect. Please keep an eye out for details circulated via our members’ list and departmental mailing lists. If you have an idea for an event or wish to co-host one with your group, please get in touch with us. If you are not already a member and want to get involved, you can find details on how to join on our website or keep up with our upcoming events on Twitter.

To express your interest in contributing to our blog or if you have any questions, please contact one of our Associate Directors, Sofie Illemann Jæger and Théo Bourgeron.

Cover photo credit: All images via Unsplash.