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Cooling towers from a Google datacenter in Oregon

“To make systems virtual is a tour de force of material configuration”: An interview with Professor Donald MacKenzie

Maxence Dutilleul interviews Donald MacKenzie following his SKAPE seminar entitled “Materiality, Policy and Power in Advertising Markets: Ad Servers and Header Bidding”. During the interview, Donald evokes his project on the material political economy of online advertising and its scientific and policy implications.

Image of a person's hands typing on a laptop with a stethoscope lying next to the laptop on the table.

Beyond diagnosis? Shifting approaches in psychiatry

The use of biological ideas and techniques in the study of mental ill-health and the practice of psychiatry is nothing new. But just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean that’s the only thing that’s going on in research and in the clinic: many other notions (psychological, sociological, and so on) interpolate with somatic emphases in psychiatry.