Photo of Spring in Edinburgh

“Dance with the Spring” – SKAPE social event for ECRs & PhDs

The smiling Spring comes in rejoicing,
And surly Winter grimly flies;
Now crystal clear are the falling waters,
And bonnie blue are the sunny skies

Robert Burns – The Bonnie Bell

Two headshots of Sofie Illemann Jæger and Théo Bourgeron.





Spring is on its way, and after what is likely to have been a long semester for many of us, it’s time to celebrate! The SKAPE directorate is delighted to invite you to our “Dance with the Spring” event. This gathering is specifically designed for early career researchers (ECRs) and PhD researchers who share an interest in SKAPE’s core themes.

Come along to 50 George Square in room G.01 on Wednesday, 29th March from 2.30-5 pm to meet peers from other departments and build connections over cake and coffee. As part of the event, we’ll be hosting an academic speed dating session to facilitate conversations. We encourage everyone to bring their favourite cake or one representing their country to participate in our cake competition in the style of Bake Off.  In representation of both her home country and as a central duty of being a SKAPE Associate Director, our very own Sofie will be contributing a classic Danish “dream cake” to the competition.

During the speed dating portion, we will ask people to briefly present their research interests to each other in pairs. We will then give each pair a few additional minutes to discuss where they see potential overlapping interests or where their work may offer insight to the other person. Once each pair has finished their discussion, we will repeat this pattern to allow you to meet several ECRs attending.

Our intention is that this should be a relaxed social event that will help build our SKAPE ECR community. If you’re interested in attending, please feel free to just show up on the day, and bring any interested friends. However, it would be helpful for us to have an idea of numbers, so if you know you want to come along, please send our Associate Directors, Sofie ( and Théo ( a message expressing your interest in participating.

For anyone taking part in our “Bake Off,” please email Sofie the day before (or sooner!) to say that you will (probably) bring along a cake. To help with dietary restrictions, it would be very helpful if you could bring a post-it that lists your ingredients.

We hope to see you there!


Mar 29 2023


2:30 pm - 5:00 pm


50 George Square in room G.01

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