Stephen Hilgartner to give SKAPE keynote lecture 2022/2023
A computer simulation of the structure of coronavirus imposed over an image of Earth.

Profile photo of Stephen Hilgartner

The SKAPE Centre is delighted to welcome Stephen Hilgartner (Cornell University) on Thursday 22 September, when he delivers the SKAPE keynote lecture 2022/2023.

The lecture will provide an important discussion about comparative pandemic politics. Stephen will introduce the initial findings, methodology and intellectual rationale for the Comparative Covid Response Project, of which he is a lead investigator alongside Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University). The project has a core research team comprised of researchers from five continents and sixteen countries, who together are studying how the pandemic was framed as a policy issue, and what sources of scientific advice policymakers rely on, among other questions.

As previously announced, Stephen’s keynote will provide a global frame to the ongoing series of events on the pandemic organised by SKAPE throughout the coming academic year.

The full abstract and lecture details can be found on the events page. We look forward to seeing many of you for our inaugural lecture.

Cover photo credit: Animation via Videezy.