White/black image of a deserted street with an image printed on the wall. The image is a person in protective gear and a face mask, holding a sign that reads "stay home".

SKAPE Covid Roundtable I: Asking questions about lockdowns

We are excited to host this year’s first roundtable discussion. For this panel discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, we welcome Professor Linda Bauld (University of Edinburgh), Professor Mark Woolhouse (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Yossi Nehushtan (Keele University).

Image of a retro movie theatre sign reading 'The world is temporarily closed'.

Seven questions for studying science, knowledge and policy in a Covid-19 world

From the beginning of this crisis, we have witnessed a growing importance of the questions of the role of science, knowledge and expertise in politics and society. As the SKAPE community, we have been exploring these themes from multiple perspectives for nearly a decade and during this challenging time, we would like to open up a discussion on potential impacts of COVID-19 on this field and offer a space for scholars working in different disciplines to engage in a debate. In this blog, we identify seven questions that emerge in this new reality and explain them in the UK context – though we are aware that our themes are not comprehensive nor that the UK is alone in this pandemic.