Public policy

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Precautionary principle and covid-19 governance in Scotland

On Wednesday 29 June, we will host an exploratory seminar on the Precautionary Principle. Presenters will be Deval Desai (Law), Pedro Cisterna (Law) and Sotiria Grek (SPS). The presenters will also be joined by discussants: Sudeepa Abeysinghe (SPS), Lindsay Paterson (SPS) and Katherine Smith (Strathclyde).

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Targets for climate change policy: a special case?

A recent report by the CCC (the Committee on Climate Change) made its low-key way to Parliament (‘The compatibility of UK onshore petroleum with meeting the UK’s carbon budgets’). In it, a key message: shale gas exploitation, commonly known as ‘fracking’, if it is carried out on a significant scale, will be incompatible with the UK’s climate change targets. To be clear, this means for instance that both the UK carbon budgets, and the 2050 commitment to reducing emissions by at least 80% would be compromised.